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When Abortion Hurts

Welcome to SafeHaven! SafeHaven is a safe place for those who have had abortions to find comfort, hope, understanding, and healing in the painful aftermath of abortion. We are a peer support site, meaning that most of those who use this site have had an abortion or have been hurt by abortion. As such, we do not judge nor condemn those who have chosen abortion. On the contrary, you will be fully accepted. We are here to help.

If You've Had an Abortion

If you have any questions or need to talk to someone, please post a message to the message board or email us privately. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Finding Forgiveness

Those of us who have been hurt by abortion know the deep pain that goes along with it. We know about the overwhelming grief, the regret, the shame and the remorse. Often, we feel what we have done is too horrible to be forgiven, and we certainly don't think we can ever forgive ourselves. If this is where you are, these articles are for you.

Whether you believe it or not, you can find forgiveness, and you can experience healing in your life. Read through the following articles and then feel free to contact us, either by posting a message on the message board or by emailing us privately. Either way someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


A message left from a member in our recent survey....

"One day last year, abortion had come up that day, triggering all those memories once again. I, for some reason, went on the computer, typed in abortion help, and I clicked on Safe Haven. At the time I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for, and ended up finding more help than I ever, ever expected to receive."

 If you are here for the first time and unsure what it is you are looking for, we pray you will find this community a safe place to explore your past memories, feelings and many times hidden pain.  We, the staff and volunteers at SafeHaven want you to know a little about us in the hopes that you will then begin to feel more "at home" here.  Our deepest desire is for the site to be-well-just what the name implies: a safe haven: a safe place for you to come and share your abortion experiences and pain; to comfort and encourage one another; to seek help and guidance and healing alongside others just like you who have bee hurt by abortion.  We are NOT here to judge nor condemn you.  Most of us have been where you are and have begun to know peace and joy again.  Our hope is that you will find those things again too.  Please take a moment to read about our staff on our designated Staff Page.  Each of us is here because we care about you.

Please Note:

SafeHaven is an information site, not a professional counseling site.  Our thoughts and opinions are our own, based on the Word of God.  We are not licensed counselors, and as such, are not responsible for the actions performed by any person as a result of anything written within or related to SafeHaven.  By using this service, you agree to these terms.  All submissions become the property of SafeHaven.

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