6 Surefire Tips To Those Who Want to Burn Fat

two women who burn fat using these tipsAre you searching for the best way to burn fat? You’ve lost extra weight pounds before and were trying to shed some more but sadly, it seems that they’ve got a naughty strategy of finding and clinging to you again? Then, it could be that you are doing it the wrong way. Start breaking the old habits and the stubborn mindset about losing weight. Here are tips that will you keep you rolling towards your desired destination.

Forget the subtracting strategy on food.

Do not deny yourself your favorite foods, but make sure you don’t go overboard the limit set on calorie intake. Reducing your food intake and keeping yourself away from your favorite delicacy is not going to work. It will only make your appetite crave for them more. It’s like the drug addicts who go through rehab. During months of rehabilitation, all they think of is how they miss the puffing and the high moments.

Feel free to stack in your juicy grapes or your crispy treats. Add your tasty veggies into your soups, sauces and stews. Remember, “taking away” when it comes to your food intake never does a good job. Some weight loss experts are even advising people not to change their original diet.

Increase bodily movements.

body movements to lose weightTime to decrease your workout time and to do more of the simple daily tasks that you do every day! Recent studies suggest that depleting the body of energy is not good for losing weight. When the body drastically loses energy, its immediate reaction is hunger.

Doing it naturally is one good way to burn fat. Rather than working out, do the usual household chores. Do some gardening or the laundry at your free time. Take a quick stroll after dinner. Perform the dance moves you did in high school. Make love with your partner tonight. These little tasks won’t burden your body and you will enjoy doing them far more than your workout regimen.

Drink water – lots of it.

Water can work miracles for you. Health professionals have discovered that weight due to presence of water is more likely to increase when a person is not drinking enough of it. Generally, the recommended daily intake is 64 oz. Water takes up a lot of space inside your stomach, so you will feel fuller when you drink a lot of it, which translates to lesser calorie intake.

Avoid foods that zap your energy.

Observe how your body reacts to different food items. The goal is to determine the ones that make you feel sluggish and sleepy and then to avoid them.   Keep your body up during the day and get enough sleep at night.

Foods to avoid are those that are starchy, fatty and sugary. Avoid alcohol, for it contains melatonin, a chemical that regulates sleep. Hummus, tofu, cheese and turkey are rich in tryptophan, another sleep-inducing chemical. Foods that are rich in magnesium should be avoided as well. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant.

Eat Energizers.

ways-to-eat-healthy-to-stay-fitOn the other hand, make it your habit to put the following on your plates because they are good energizers – citrus fruits, seeds, raw nuts, broccoli, spinach, lean meats, eggs, garlic, yogurt and green tea. These foods have different abilities that promote fat burning. For example, garlic has inulin, a chemical that helps make one feel fuller. Yogurt has the ability to break down easily and convert into utilizable energy components. Eat yogurt after lunch.

Another effective food for providing energy to the body is coffee. Does coffee make you feel energetic? If yes, drink it, especially after lunch time when most people feel drowsy. For as long as caffeine is not posing risk to your health, drinking coffee is a nice way to burn fat. Some health gurus are even recommending drinking a hot cup of it an hour prior to workout.

When Having Sex, be the One on Top.

Sex is a good way of blasting fat, and if you can do it while on top of your lover, the better. While on top, do a lot of rocking movements; the more active you are, the more calories you burn. You can burn as much as 144 calories within 30 minutes of swaying, caressing and pumping.

Sex is also good in helping the body increase levels of positive neurotransmitters and endorphin. If you’ve got lots of these chemicals, you will get less food cravings.

Divide the Job into Small Pieces

Nothing is going to be hard if you know how to divide this herculean task into little and more manageable pieces. Don’t expect a miracle to happen overnight and learn that the battle is in the mind. Take it one step at a time. There is no one way to burn fat and get to your desired shape faster than you can imagine, but there are several, more attainable goals that can get you there in the future.