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got my answer
Last Post 18 Apr 2010 06:16 AM by marieelena. 1 Replies.
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14 Jan 2010 04:48 AM  
I've always struggled with wondering where God was at during the most difficult times in my life when I felt completely and totally alone. A friend suggested I ask God and I thought "yeah right". But recently, after a difficult event at work, I asked. This was my answer:

My Precious Child,

I cannot tell you right now why I allow these things to happen, why I allow a 3 month old boy to die. You would not understand right now if I were to tell you. Just trust in Me. I will take care of you. I will help you. I will comfort you. I will give you strength. Whatever I ask of you, I am beside you walking with you through it. I will bring good from what looks like a bad situation to you.

You have had many obstacles, but nothing is too big for Me. I love you the way you are. Nothing you can do will ever change that. Your past is a part of the package, but your past is not who you are today or who I created you to be. But if you allow Me to, I will use you to help others and take you to places to use your past for good.

I know you are struggling, but allow Me to help you. As I was with you in the past, I am with you now. You didn't know me then, but I was there. I loved you even then. As a little girl lying in your bed hugging your teddy bear, I wrapped my arms around you singing to you as you fell asleep. I dried your tears. The thing that made you cry made me very angry. It did not go unnoticed and I am taking care of it.

I was there as you grew up and your heart became harder towards me. I still loved you. Those times you went to the clinic, I never left you. I held your hand as you screamed out in pain. I welcomed each of your children home. I have loved them. They are well taken care of.

So my girl, I want you to remember one thing: I have forgiven you the first time you asked. You can't earn my forgiveness. You have it because you asked. Its time to forgive yourself and give your past to Me. Its time you have the peace and rest that you long for. You are in the palm of My hand. My arms are wrapped around you. Nothing will ever change that. You are mine, forever. Trust Me. You are safe. I love you.

Your Dad.
marieelenaUser is Offline

18 Apr 2010 06:16 AM  
this is the nicest thing i have ever read. thank you for putting it up. and you truly are something special
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