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Guilt and so angry
Last Post 03 Apr 2012 01:45 PM by Reyna. 3 Replies.
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26 Mar 2012 03:59 PM QuoteQuote ReplyReply  
I just had an abortion, i was in denial and didnt want to think about it but its always on my mind. i feel so guilty i feel i took an easy way out of responsibility for my carelessness and so angry because i diidnt make this choice on my own. my boyfriend and i did but i feel it was more his decision then mine but i know somewhere in my mind that is was the right one because he has 3 children from a previous relationship and i have 5 and we have 1 so its a big family. But in my heart i feel like i just got rid of it of it like it was garbage i took the easy way out. I'm so mad at my self for not taking precautions and angry at him because the minute i told him he jumped to abortion and that was it. now its done with and all i have left is the feeling of guilty, anger and confusion i just hope someday i can come to be ok with the decision we made.

27 Mar 2012 04:02 AM EditEdit QuoteQuote ReplyReply  
Dear Reyna,
Thank you for the honor of sharing your heart and your story with us. I am grieving your loss with you, my sister. I pray the Lord gives you His peace that passes all understanding. If you haven't already, ask Jesus to come into your heart and forgive you of everything you have done to grieve His Spirit. He is faithful and just to forgive us of all of our sins, even our sin of abortion. Receive His forgiveness and He will help you to forgive yourself. Sometimes I have to choose to forgive myself daily, whatever it takes to release it all to Him. You are precious in His sight. Check out our resource page for abortion recovery help, where there is also a helpline number for you to talk with someone, if you so desire.
May the Lord bless you and heal your broken heart, like only He can.
Praying for you,
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02 Apr 2012 10:58 PM QuoteQuote ReplyReply  
I know your pain.....this will be a very emotional time for you and your partner, This pain will ease if you let it. Dont be so harsh on yourself and allow yourself to grieve....hospitals and doctors they are so misguided, women like us don't and did nt get room for thought, room for time to think. You were in a very vulnerable position and in a state of confusion and humans we tend to become irrational and tend not to give ourselves time to truly and deeply think about something's were probably convinced it was the 'right' thing for the family and that you would nt cope so all that negativity would be been so heavy on your shoulders .....god truly does forgive, I just recently had a beautiful experience through confession which litterally brought me to my knees.....I felt the holy spirit come upon me and after ten years of pain and suffering I am healed but I will never forget and I don't believe we should......but one thing you jst know is that your baby girl or boy is with the guardian of the little baby's and your baby will truly forgive you and will you will see him or her again. I would say, ask yourself what you believe yur baby is.....give him or her a name....say a prayer from the heart asking the lord for help and forgiveness and he will do so ....and maby make a vow of some kind if it helps now that could be to say be charitable ( not that I'm saying you are not please don't be offended .....or what I vowed was that I would raise my four children as Catholics as if giving them to the lord .......I will use my past to ensure that if any my daughters found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy, I will do all in power to support and encourage life see god truly has a way of turning a not so nice something and can mould it into some kind of good something, it might be years from now but he can........
Your in my thoughts and is your baby, god bless you all and take care xx
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03 Apr 2012 01:45 PM QuoteQuote ReplyReply  
Thank you so much for your words. My life had taken a down spiral never knew how hard the choice i made was actually going to effect me emotionally so much. every time i think of that of that little baby it kills me what could have been and will never be i keep my hope and faith that i may meet her/him and be able to tell her/him that I'm sorry beyond words and there is not a day that goes by that i dont think of what could have been and that a piece of my heart is missing forever i wish i could take it all back.

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