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aborted last week
Last Post 26 Feb 2012 03:05 AM by Redeemed. 2 Replies.
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31 Jan 2012 01:34 PM QuoteQuote ReplyReply  
i'm new & going through the motions of what i did. what's worse is that i'm supposed to be a Christian but i still went ahead with the procedure. to top it all, it's also illegal in my country to do the procedure. now, i feel all the guilt & been crying incessantly.

it's been exactly a week ago that i went through the procedure. i was calm when i did it and felt numb after. now, all i can think of is how sorry i am. i keep on begging my terminated son (yes, i found out he's a boy and a whole lot bigger than i expected). and i've been repeatedly asking for forgiveness. but i will never have "jeffrey" back. he's forever gone and i chose myself over him.
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20 Feb 2012 04:39 AM QuoteQuote ReplyReply  
Dear Mommy2,
Forgive us for not responding to you before now. I was looking through the website for those who have not been replied to and I saw your's. My heart goes out to you, my sister. You are very brave for sharing this traumatic experience so soon after it happened. You have taken a huge first step in your healing process by overcoming denial and even honoring your baby with his name. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I completely understand how hard it is to deal with the guilt after abortion, knowing it is wrong in your heart, but feeling trapped in your situation. Jesus forgave you the first time you asked Him, for that is His promise to us. The hardest part is releasing the guilt to Him so that we can forgive ourself. Even if you have to do it every day, like I have had to at times. Just say to the Lord, "Thank you for forgiving me, Jesus, for the abortion. I choose to forgive myself and release all self hate and bitterness to You, my Lord."
Sometimes, we need to say it over and over again until we believe it in our heart, just like when we forgive others, we must also forgive ourself.
Check out our resource page for abortion recovery help. The workbook called "Forgiven and Set Free" is what I went through for my own personal healing with a group, but you can do it on your own, if you can't find a group in your area. You can order it from
You are so loved and appreciated,
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26 Feb 2012 03:05 AM QuoteQuote ReplyReply  
My heart goes out to you. I also had an abortion( at the age of 17) but it was over 30 yrs. ago. I am now 50. I never had anyone to help me through it for over 20 yrs, I suffered in silence. I never even knew of the resources out there that are available to help us heal now. It is a painful process to get through when you have no help. I pray you are able to get in a post abortion Bible study, this really helped me even tho it was over 20 yrs before I had knowledge of something like that. Please don't wait that long! Most of all my dear, Jesus loves you very much and wants heal and he is ready to forgive and help you to forgive yourself. I know this the hardest part. I have submitted a Real Story Testimony I invite you to read my testimony that tells of my journey to find healing. I pray that God would flood your heart with his healing touch & give you the peace & comfort you need to heal. You are not alone & you have people that care. You are loved! <3 Redeemed

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